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Surface cleaning method of the aluminum alloy merger

  • Author:Kerry
  • Release on:2022-10-14

The surface cleaning methods of Aluminum alloy jets are as follows:
① Remove Burrs;
② Remove the surface flow signs;
③ Remove the paint attached to the surface;
④ Get the uniform smoothness of the surface.

1. The method for removing the gate and flash:
1) Manual work: use simple tools such as clubs, files, calipers and other simple tools to eliminate excess parts such as the melting system of aluminum alloy jets. The advantages are comfort, simplicity and speed; Thick parts, complex parts, large jets are not suitable.

2) Mechanical operations: use trimmer, punches and molds, band saws and other mechanical equipment. The advantage is that the incision is ordered and the cleaning efficiency is high for large and medium -sized jets.

3) Lift: Choose steel grinding wheel, nylon wheel, fabric wheel, flying wings wheel, grinding wheel, etc. For grinding based on merger needs.

4) Automation of the cleaning process: robots are used to clean the jets to complete the work of removing coffin, grinding and cutting. In order to obtain clean and productive.