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Starbucks is about to land the world's most difficult markets--Italy

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  • Release on:2016-03-05

Recently,StarbucksSays it plans to enter may be so far is the most difficult to conquer the enterprise market: Italy.
The Starbucks coffee chain said on Sunday: ItalyFirst StarbucksShop stores by early 2017 in Milan. And with Italy Percassi developers as partners.
For the 45-year history of Starbucks company and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, which was a historic breakthrough. The 80 's of the last century, Schultz is traveling to Milan and Verona, after which he decided to include espresso drinks promotion to the United States. Later, the idea became a success, Starbucks also has become the giants of the beverage sector.


Starbucks already has branches in some European countries, but their situation is not as satisfactory as in other markets. Starbucks in 1998 into the United Kingdom, now in Europe, the Middle East and Africa a total of 2,400 stores, all regions of the world 10% of the total number of stores.
Italy is considered to be a major challenge. Coffee is Italy's traditional culture, the streets filled with sales of beverages such as espresso and cappuccino shop, competition is fierce. Customers are generally located in the street-side stores readily buy a cup of coffee to drink, then hurried on the road. By comparison, Starbucks is a customer or a place to chat with friends.
Coming in the face of challenges and difficulties, Starbucks said it would humble and respectful attitude to enter Italy market.
Starbucks Italy partner Percassi, President andongniao·peierkaxi said, "We also know that, in theCoffee, Kingdom of ItalyOpened the first Starbucks stores will make serious challenges we face. ”