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Stability and high temperature resistance of precision casting parts

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-01-20

Precision casting needs to have good stability when used, and the product has a wide application range and pH value. The maintenance work of precision casting accessories is very small, so it also needs to adapt to high shear stress stirring, etc.

Interlayer drying time for precision casting accessories will be further shortened. Currently, some products can shorten the interlayer drying time of this reinforced silica sol to 45 minutes. The shell manufacturing environment of precision casting, especially the wind speed, is very strict. Polymer additives or other additives for precision casting accessories can help them reduce defects in shells and castings. That said, the role of the additive will no longer be limited to helping the shell build up its wet strength quickly, but can also improve the quality of the investment casting.

Precision casting has good surface quality, high high temperature strength, good thermal shock stability of the overall product, and strong high temperature deformation resistance. It is a casting process with small or no cutting, and it is also an advanced casting technology in the foundry industry.

Precision casting is suitable for all kinds of castings, and its dimensional accuracy and surface quality are much higher than other casting methods. Other casting methods are difficult to cast complex, high temperature resistant and difficult to process castings.

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