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Specification for wall thickness design of zinc alloy die castings

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-03-28

For zinc alloy die castings, every design detail has a huge impact on the product, so it must be executed in accordance with the specifications.  Here we take the wall thickness as an example, because it has a great relationship with the quality of the die casting.

Under the condition that the zinc alloy die casting has sufficient strength and rigidity, its wall thickness should be reduced as much as possible, and the wall thickness should be kept uniform.  When the wall of the zinc alloy die casting is too thin, the metal welding is not good, which affects the strength of the casting and brings difficulties to the forming;  if the wall thickness is too large or seriously uneven, shrinkage and cracks are easy to occur.  With the increase of wall thickness, defects such as pores and shrinkage in the casting also increase, which also reduces the strength of the casting.  The wall thickness of die-casting parts is generally 2.5~4mm, and parts with wall thickness exceeding 6mm should not be die-casted.

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