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Some Native English Expression

  • Author:Lorna
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-07-18
The following native English expression can help you more easily understand what foreign people say and help you improve your English level.

---1 I was like, "What?!"

(someone) was like... Orally,people use this to express some reaction, such as the words or thinking acitivities.


▷ He was like, "Hold on, wait for me!"

▷ I saw it on her face – she was like "Yo, leave me out of this!"

---2 That takes guts!

(something) takes guts  It means that we need brave when do something.Guts means internal organ, but here means brave.


▷Being a police officer takes guts, for sure.

---3 All right, so much for that one.

so much for (something) People always say that when intend to give up doing something or something is about to failed.


▷It's already ten thirty? So much for getting an early start!

▷Oh no! He saw us? So much for keeping it a surprise.

---4 We nailed it!

nailed it Perfectly done something or totally say something right.


▷That's so true. He's nailed it.

Kill it also means done something perfectly.


▷ Louise has been killing it! Louise

---5 I knew you'd give me a hard time about it!

give…a hard time about… means has bad intention to something or somebody. or laugh at somebody.


▷ When I was growing up, the other kids used to give me a hard time because of my weight. But I just tried to ignore them.

▷Come on! Why do you have to give me a hard time about that? I told you: I had to work.

---6 I might be 90 years old, but I'm still young at heart!

might… but… usually used to deny somethings gently。

▷Paris might be popular, but I don’t want to live there.

---7I couldn't agree more.

couldn’t agree more It means strongly agree with some saying.


▷- I think that this is a great opportunity. - I couldn’t agree more.

08 Just do it already!

Just… already! It means to push somebody to do something quickly.


▷I've been hearing about this girl for weeks. Just ask her out already!

---9 Could you give me a few pointers?

give someone pointers means give someone advices or leading.


▷You're not holding that quite right. Do you want me to give you a few pointers?

---10  Yeah, it's decent.

decent means nice, prety good.


▷-This soup isn't bad at all!

-Yeah, it's decent.

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