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Some Important Parameters of Plastic Injection Parts

  • Author:Li Xvsi
  • Source:www.xy.global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-01
The main process parameters of plastic injection parts include:

  Barrel temperature: the melt temperature is very important, and the temperature of the injection cylinder used is only a guide. The temperature of the melt can be measured at

the nozzle or by air injection. The temperature setting of the injection cylinder depends on the melt temperature, screw speed, back pressure, injection amount and the period of injection parts. If you have no experience processing a particular grade of plastic, please start with the lowest setting. For ease of control, the cylinders are divided, but not all are set at the same temperature. If operating for a long time or under high temperature, set the temperature of the first zone to a lower value. This will prevent premature melting and shunting of the plastic. Before injection parts start, ensure that the hydraulic oil, hopper closure, mold and injection cylinder are at the correct temperature.

   料筒温度: 熔料温度是很重要的,所用的射料缸温度只是指导性。熔胶温度可在射嘴处量度或使用空气喷射法来量度。射料缸的温度设定取决于熔胶温度、螺杆转速、背压、射料量和注塑件周期。您如果没有加工某一特定级别塑料的经验,请从最低的设定开始。为了便于控制,射料缸分了区,但不是所有都设定为相同温度。如果运作时间长或在高温下操作,请将第一区的温度设定为较低的数值,这将防止塑料过早熔化和分流。注塑件开始前,确保液压油、料斗封闭器、模具和射料缸都处于正确温度下。

  The melting temperature, melt temperature of melt flow behavior plays a main role, because no specific plastics, melting point, the melting point is a segment of the temperature of the molten state, the plastic different molecular chain structure and composition, and therefore have different influence on its liquidity, molecular chain rigidity affected by temperature is obvious, such as PC, PPS, and flexible chain, such as: The fluidity of PA, PP, PE and so on is not obvious by changing the temperature, so the reasonable temperature of injection parts should be adjusted according to different materials.


  Mold temperature: Some plastic materials due to high crystallization temperature, crystallization speed is slow, need a higher mold temperature, some due to the control of size and deformation, or demoloming needs to higher temperature or lower temperature, such as PC generally requires more than 60 degrees, and PPS in order to achieve a better appearance and improve fluidity, mold temperature sometimes need more than 160 degrees, So the mold temperature to improve the appearance of the product, deformation, size, plastic mold has an irreplaceable role.


  Injection pressure: melt to overcome the resistance required for progress, directly affect the size, weight and deformation of the product, different plastic products need different injection pressure, for materials such as PA, PP, increase the pressure will make its fluidity significantly improved, injection pressure determines the density of the product, that is, the appearance of gloss. It has no fixed value, and the more difficult it is to fill the mold, the pressure of the injection part increases.

注射压力:熔体克服前进所需的阻力,直接影响产品的尺寸,重量和变形等,不同的塑胶产品所需注射压力不同,对于像PA、PP等材料,增加压力会使其流动性显著改善,注射压力大小决定产品的密度,即外观光泽性。它没有固定的数值,而模具填充越困难,注塑件压力也增大。The main process parameters of injection parts include: