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Slovakia Travel

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  • Release on:2016-07-06
Slovakia, located in central Europe, known as the "heart of Europe", adjacent to Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, transport facilities, with more than 3600 km of railways, up to 172 kilometers of the Danube in Slovakia. Slovakia between temperate and continental climate, seasonal changes significantly, rich tourism resources, 9 national parks, Da Deli National Park, the largest park, there are 1082 protected areas, a variety of rare birds. Slovakia many historical sites, is the world's largest castle country intact.

Slovakia is also a good place for cave explorers of nature lovers. Here caves mostly rocks cave, a small number of glacier caves. In that there is a very rare Aoqie Di Wen cave, cave open to the public the same world only three. Slovakia, along with multi-shot Brzezinski cave karst caves is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage List together. Slovakia has the largest area of karst topography Central Europe.

Slovakia is one of the world's largest number of countries Castle, the ancient castle ruins to well-preserved collections of a museum should all have. Slovakia has about 180 registered protected castles and ruins, there are about 1200 manor houses and towers. Most of the castle are accompanied by interesting legends and myths. For example, there is a period of Trencin Castle Slovakia legendary love story.

Slovakia Castle will organize various activities and special programs within a year.

You can experience a return Bojnice castle romantic Valentine's weekend or experience in the international festival ghost ghosts look "real ghost." You can also participate in the mysterious knight Game Night Orava castle or Qiewennika door held.