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Recommended books

  • Author:Michelle
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2018-06-28
  "It would be better if there is no food for one day and no book is available in one day." This is a Chinese ancient saying. Yes, the book is the spiritual food of mankind. If you leave the book, people's life will be a blank. Recommend a book for everyone today -Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.This book is a book that we XY-Global reads every morning. The "seven habits" mentioned in the book have extraordinary influence and make our team full of passion and motivation.

Habit One:Proactive - Principles of Personal Vision

  The term "proactive" is now often used in management writing. Its meaning is more than just taking actions, it also means that people must be responsible for themselves. Individual behavior depends on oneself, not on the external environment: reason can or overcome feelings; people have the ability and responsibility to create a favorable external environment.
Frankel once pointed out that there are three important values ​​in life: first, experience value, and experience; second, creation of value, and personal creativity; and third, attitude value, that is, facing difficulties, such as the response to a terminal illness. The highest of these three values ​​is attitude value. Adversity can often stimulate the change of thinking, allowing people to look at people and things with a new perspective, and thus gain valuable insights.

Habit Two: Beginning with the beginning - the principle of self-leadership
The habit of “starting with the end” can be applied to different aspects of life. The most basic purpose is the ultimate expectation of life. It is based on the principle that all things are created twice. All things have the first creation of the mind, and the actual creation of the second. Everything we do is first conceived in our hearts and then implemented.

Habit Three: The first thing to do – the principle of self-management

  Effective management is the focus of management. It puts the most important things first. After leaders decide what to focus on, they must rely on self-control to grasp the key points and always put them first, so as not to be affected by feelings, emotions or impulses. To concentrate on the imperatives, we must eliminate the burden on the minor things. At this time, we must have the courage to say no.

Habit Four: Win-Win Thinking - The Principle of Interpersonal Leadership

  Libido people regard life as a stage for cooperation rather than a arena. Most people use the dichotomy to see more things: non-strong or weak, and non-victory or defeat. As a matter of fact, everyone in the world has enough space to stand in the room. Others don't have to think of themselves as lost.

Habit Five: Knowing Himself to Solve Your Problem - The Principle of Empathic Communication

  To sum up one of the important principles I have learned in interpersonal relationships in one sentence, that is: Knowing Yourself to Solve Your Problem—First seek to understand each other, and then strive to let the other person understand yourself. This principle is the key to effective human communication.
When communicating with people, we often make indiscriminate and inconsistent sentences. Therefore, I must stress that understanding others and expressing myself is an indispensable element of interpersonal communication, but sometimes we have such a tendency to like to hurry and advise on solving problems.

Habit Six: Integrating Synergy - The Principle of Creative Cooperation

  In a mutually dependent relationship, comprehensive benefits are the most powerful way to thwart growth and change. Assisted forces are usually positive, reasonable, conscious, and economically pleasing; on the contrary, resistance is mostly negative, negative, illogical, emotional, and unconscious. Instead of trying to eliminate resistance, just increasing the thrust, it seems like it is exerting force on the spring and it will eventually cause a rebound. If we combine the win-win motives, empathetic communication skills, and the integration of integrated effects, we can not only overcome the resistance, but also turn resistance into motivation.

Habit Seven: Constantly updated - the principle of balanced self-improvement

  The most worthwhile investment in life is to hone yourselves, because both the living and the service people have to rely on themselves. This is the most precious tool. The work itself does not bring about a sense of security in the economy. It must have good thinking, learning, creativity and adaptability to be invincible. The possession of wealth does not mean that the economy is independent and that the ability to create wealth is truly reliable.

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