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  • Author:Memory
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  • Release on :2017-10-18
QC is the abbreviation of QUALITY CONTROL in English, Chinese "QUALITY CONTROL". In ISO9000:2015, Quality Management is defined as "command and control of the coordinated activities of the organization in Quality". Quality control is defined as: "part of quality management to meet quality requirements". According to the product characteristics In the Process of Control, order, product Quality Control can be divided into four stages: the feed Control (Incoming Quality Control of acronyms for IQC), Process Quality Control In Process Quality Control abbreviation for IPQC), Final inspection validation (Final Quality Control abbreviated FQC) and Outgoing Quality Control, Outgoing Quality Control abbreviation for OQC). Organization to meet Quality requirements will be set of Quality management and Quality Control Department, Quality Control Department), the arrangement of Personnel engaged in Quality Control of the Quality Control functions (Quality Control Personnel), usually Quality Control functions by Quality inspector (Quality Checker QC) and Quality Engineer, Quality Engineer or QE) share.