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Principle and characteristics of die casting aluminum passivation

  • Author:June
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2022-06-29

The general principle of passivation: the erosion product of the aluminum alloy die-casting due to the action of the medium forms a thin film, which is closely covered on the surface of the aluminum alloy die-casting, which changes its surface morphology and makes the aluminum alloy die-casting. The electrode potential jumps to the positive target greatly, and becomes the passive state of corrosion resistance.

Features of passivation:

1) After passivation treatment, it has the characteristics of absolutely not increasing the thickness of the workpiece and changing the color, increasing the peripheral density and added value of the product, making the operation easier

2) Since the passivation process is carried out in a non-reactive state, the passivation agent can be used repeatedly, so the service life is longer and the cost is more economical.

3) Passivation promotes the oxygen molecular structure passivation film on the surface of aluminum alloy die castings, the film layer is dense, the function is stable, and it has a self-repairing effect in the air at the same time, so compared with the traditional method of applying anti-rust oil, passivation The passivation film caused by chemiluminescence is more stable and more resistant to corrosion.