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Powder metallurgy

  • Author:Michelle
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  • Release on:2018-07-26
  Powder metallurgyIt is a process technology for producing metal materials, composite materials, and various types of articles by forming metal powder or using metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as a raw material, and forming and sintering. The powder metallurgy method has similarities with the production of ceramics, and all belong to the powder sintering technology. Therefore, a series of new powder metallurgy technologies can also be used for the preparation of ceramic materials. Due to the advantages of powder metallurgy technology, it has become the key to solving new material problems and plays a decisive role in the development of new materials.
  Powder metallurgy includes milling and products. Among them, the milling is mainly a metallurgical process, which is literally consistent. Powder metallurgy products often go far beyond the scope of materials and metallurgy, often across multiple disciplines (materials and metallurgy, machinery and mechanics, etc.). Especially the modern metal powder 3D printing, which combines mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering technology, layered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, material science and laser technology, makes powder metallurgy product technology become a modern comprehensive technology spanning more disciplines.


  Powder metallurgy has a unique chemical composition and mechanical and physical properties that are not available with conventional fusion casting methods. The use of powder metallurgy technology can directly produce porous, semi-dense or fully dense materials and products, such as oil-impregnated bearings, gears, cams, guides, tools, etc., is a less cutting process.

(1) Powder metallurgy technology can minimize the segregation of alloy composition and eliminate coarse and uneven cast structure. Preparation of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials, rare earth hydrogen storage materials, rare earth luminescent materials, rare earth catalysts, high temperature superconducting materials, new metal materials (such as Al-Li alloy, heat resistant Al alloy, super alloy, powder corrosion resistant stainless steel, powder High-speed steel, high-temperature structural materials such as intermetallic compounds, etc.) play an important role.

(2) A series of high-performance non-equilibrium materials such as amorphous, microcrystalline, quasicrystal, nanocrystalline and supersaturated solid solution can be prepared, which have excellent electrical, magnetic, optical and mechanical properties.

(3) It is easy to realize various types of recombination, give full play to the respective characteristics of each component material, and is a process technology for producing high-performance metal-based and ceramic composite materials at low cost.

(4) It can produce materials and products with special structure and performance that cannot be produced by ordinary smelting methods, such as new porous biomaterials, porous separation membrane materials, high-performance structural ceramic abrasives and functional ceramic materials.

(5) Near net formation and automated mass production can be realized, thereby effectively reducing production resources and energy consumption.
(6) It can make full use of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, rolling steel scales, and recycling waste metal as raw materials. It is a new technology that can effectively carry out material regeneration and comprehensive utilization.

Our common machining tools, hardware grinding tools, many are made by powder metallurgy technology.

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