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Outdoor antenna base with high stability

  • Author:Yisijia
  • Source:Www. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2021-10-24
2021-09-24 Authorized seventh patents to the company
The utility model discloses an outdoor antenna base having a high stability, including a bottom plate, and the bottom plate is mounted on the ground, the top surface of the bottom plate is provided with a mount, the left and right side of the mounting seat corresponding position and located inA auxiliary fixture is provided on the bottom plate.The solar outdoor antenna base described in the present invention is in the field of outdoor antenna technology. The mutual mating of the installed auxiliary fixture and adjustment fixture can be better to fix it.Fixed a more secure, avoiding the wind and windy weather, causing the antenna to cause the occurrence of antenna damage, resulting in a certain loss, the overall structure is simple, easy to install, high stability, and more practical.