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Operating Specifications for Die Casting Operators

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-07-14

A die-caster is a person who operates a die-casting machine. A die-casting machine is a machine for die-casting various castings and casting various metal liquids. The job content of the die caster includes:
1. Ensure safe production and complete various production tasks with quality and quantity;
2. Fill in the records on time and accurately;
3. Responsible for the self-inspection of the products in the die-casting process, the inspection and self-inspection of the first die-casting piece, the excess of some products and the isolation of unqualified products;
4. Responsible for operating the mold and inspecting it;
5. Responsible for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the production site;
6. The daily maintenance is fully carried out, the professional guarantee is comprehensive, and the equipment is in good operation.
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