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Do you know the operation procedure of sand blasting?

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-06-26
Nowadays, many mechanical parts need to be sand blasted to make the surface more smooth and beautiful. Do you know the operation procedure of sand blasting? China CNC Machined Parts distributor

Operating rules:

1, before work must wear protective equipment, not allowed to work naked arm. Work shall be no less than two persons.

2 、 gas tank, pressure gauge, safety valve should be regularly checked. The gas tank will be discharged two times a week, and the filter in the sand tank shall be checked once a month.

3. Check whether the ventilation pipe and sand blasting machine are sealed. Five minutes before work, must start ventilation dust removal equipment, ventilation and dust removal equipment failure, sandblasting machine is prohibited.

4, the compressed air valve to slow open, the pressure is not allowed to exceed 0.8MPa.

5, sand blasting particle size should be in line with the requirements of the work, generally between ten and twenty applicable, sand should be kept dry. Oem aluminum die casting parts china

6, sandblasting machine work, prohibit irrelevant personnel close to. When cleaning and adjusting the moving parts, they should be stopped.

7, do not use compressed air blowing dust or joking.

8, after work, ventilation and dust removal equipment should continue running for five minutes, then closed to discharge indoor dust, keep the site clean.

9, personal and equipment accidents should be kept on-site and reported to the relevant departments.

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