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My first client--Albert

My first client--Albert

July www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2017-03-15 16:16:53
Each time,when the clients come to our office ,I was nervous.Don't  know what to say. Nervous that I don't know what to say. Really feel so lost. Next time the customer visits, I would like to tidy up asking the customer questions.

In order to improve my English, I'm going to have to learn a word a day.

About Albert's visit:
12:25 plane on Sunday, because of the international arrival point and domestic arrival point, Drake said at the international, Kevin said that at home, I have two running. First time I saw him I knew my house was Albert, unfortunately, the Mediterranean. Pretty cute. Got off the plane, we went to eat at McDonald's, he ate on the plane, so I just ordered a bottle of water, eating a meal, he also detects any missing food, and good style.
And then he went to the hotel. Went to the hotel, I said Ivy met with her, and then went to the Lotus mountain. Ivy, Albert insisted for a suit of clothes, he said look boss with your boss, I think! A good style.
Came to Lotus mountain, we waited a very long time Ivy, Lianhua mountains for a long time, estimates are also tired, we see the Ivy went to Starbucks, sit for a while, we'll go to dinner. Found that Albert was eating with his left hand. Use chopsticks too. Episode Albert nosebleeds, estimated to be too tired to really ache of conscience. Good style.

The next day, Ivy receive him into constant flux after the robots turned and came to our Office. I didn't attend the meeting, but left the Blackboard. More later.

After eating dinner in the afternoon, we'll go another baby shoe factory. Episode, Kevin into the ladies ' room.

Baby shoe factories, we have sent Albert to the airport. Albert two days of stay, tired but very happy ~