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Metal rotation advantage

  • Author:Thunderous
  • Source:www. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2022-06-07
MetalRotary processingThere are many advantages that are not machine processing, especially suitable for some high -intensity and difficult to deform materials, which can be handed over to rotary processing.

The first point is that the metal deformation conditions are better. During the process of metal rotation processing, the rotor will be in contact with the metal. Therefore, the area of ​​contact is relatively small and the unit pressure is large. The general materials cannot afford to experience it. Such stress can only stand the pressure of rotation, so the metal material is used and the rotation process is used for high -strength and difficult to deform like metal.

The second point, passingMetal rotation processingThe range of products is relatively wide. In the process of production, we can carry out special pipes, large diameter thin -walled pipes, and the production of spherical products according to the ability of the compressor.

The third point, becauseMetal rotation processing plantWhen production is conducted, a large number of production is used, which will make the material utilization high and reduce production costs.

The fourth point is that the overall seamless reckless hollow parts can be made. Because this workpiece requires high requirements for processing technology, many processing processes cannot be completed. It is precisely because of the production of metal rotation processing process. It is very smooth Solved this problem for people. The disadvantages of the discontinuous and low intensity of welding are eliminated.