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Metal injection molding

  • Author:June
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2022-04-11
MIM (Metal Injection Molding): It is a referred to as metal injection molding. It is a molding method in which a plasticized mixture of the metal powder and its binder is injected into the model. It is to mix the selected powder with the binder, and then the mixture is designed in the shape of the mixture.

MIM process:

The MIM process is divided into four unique machining steps (mixed, molded, degreasing and sintering) to achieve parts of the parts, and determine whether to perform surface treatment for product characteristics.

Technical features:

1. One-time molding is responsible for parts;

2, the surface quality of the parts is good, the waste rate is low, the production efficiency is high, easy to achieve automation;

3. Requirements to the mold material.

Technical core:

The adhesive is the core of MIM technology only with a certain amount of adhesive, and the powder has enhanced fluidity to suit an injection molding and a substantial shape of the blank.

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