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what is mild steel

Mild steel is a type of carbon steel with a low amount of carbon – it is actually also known as “low carbon steel.” Although ranges vary depending ...

How and When to Add Bend Reliefs to Sheet Metal Parts

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Why is the surface of aluminum pressure casting black

Aluminum oxide processing aluminum alloy casting is generally cast with metal mold, metal aluminum and aluminum alloy have good fluidity and plasticity, but easy to black in the use of the process, what is going on?  Xy-global gives you a detailed introduction to the reasons for the blackening of the surface of aluminum alloy die castings.

Several elements of aluminum alloy die-casting mold maintenance

When the aluminum alloy die-casting mold is stopped, it must be regularly repaired, cleaned and maintained to effectively prolong the service life of the die-casting mold. So how does the volume

Surface cleaning method of the aluminum alloy merger

Remove the berries; remove the surface flow signs; Remove the paint attached to the surface : Get the uniform smoothness of the surface.

Group Construction Activity of Shenzhen Zhenpu Company

In order to improve the ability of teamwork, Shenzhen Zhenpu company has carried out a group construction activity, aiming to exercise the strong will...

Who's XY-Global ?

Since September 14, XY company has organized several online training sessions for interns as planned. The interns learned more about the company. “XY...

Advantages of die casting machine equipmen

In response to the problems in the die casting process itself, new technologies to improve the quality of die casting parts are emerging,

Polarization is serious The American middle class is shrinking.

The middle class in America's cities has shrunk dramatically in the 21st century.A Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data looked at the st...

CNC machining processing

CNC machining is to use the CNC numerical control machine tools to directly process raw materials into samples that meet the requirements.
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Maintain a Good State of Mind

Maintain a Good State of Mind

Rachel www.xy-global.com 2017-08-23 18:06:15
As long as you have a good attitude, you can always be in a good mood. A good mind makes a good fortune. When spirit strikes, good luck comes naturally. Remember to do anything must have a positive attitude, once lost, he jumped out, to learn to adjust the mentality, have a good attitude, work will have a direction, as long as the people do not lose direction, they will not lose themselves. Mentality is good or bad, lies in the usual adjustment and practice in a timely manner and form habits.
People living in the world, everything must be careful, see far point, weak points, being open-minded and magnanimous, believe that "any events must be conducive to me" and "way better than more difficult, there is no flow out of the water and not move mountains, no hole and drilling is not a margin. To live happily, we must have a good state of mind. No matter what happens, you must learn to think differently, and you will feel happy. Some people work in a good unit, he will have many unhappy every day, the trouble is always around him. Some people work in general, but he did not abandon, every day working target, put this as a kind of exercise, growth opportunities, and through the creative job, people have to admire. A sunny mind, a fire of enthusiasm. Reap the fruits and happiness.