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How to standardize the die casting industry to save energy and reduce emissions

  • Author:Kerry
  • Release on:2022-08-18

Energy saving and emission reduction has become the main theme of today's society. Compared with traditional die-casting machines, energy-saving die-casting machines not only have excellent performance in terms of energy consumption, performance, response speed and control accuracy, but also can effectively save costs for enterprises. Manufacturers and users generally welcome. This means that my country's die-casting industry will usher in a big leap.

The die casting industry has continued to develop in recent years. With the improvement of technical level and core competitiveness, domestic die-casting machines have gradually integrated into the world market. . The expansion of the die casting industry, on the one hand, the development of the die casting machine provides a bigger stage, on the other hand, it also puts forward higher requirements for the continuous upgrading of the die casting machine.

As we all know, the process flow of die casting machine is generally divided into mold clamping, soup filling, injection, core pulling, mold opening, thimble, cooling, backlog and other stages. In each stage, hydraulic oil is pumped by the oil pump motor to each cylinder to drive the transmission. The mechanism completes a series of actions, each with a different pressure and flow match. In a working cycle of the die-casting machine, the high-load link is the high-pressure mold clamping and injection stage, the load of other links is small, and the load during the cooling process is almost zero. In the hydraulic system of the fixed pump, the excess hydraulic oil is returned through the relief valve. This process is called high-pressure cut-off, and the energy loss caused by it is generally about 50%. As long as it is well controlled, it can meet the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.