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How to solve the partial shrinkage of die castings?

  • Author:June
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2022-03-09

1. The reason for the shrinkage is the lack of material caused by the overheating of the thick position and the secondary feeding of the thin position. So, solving overheating is the key. In terms of die-casting process parameters, that is, lowering the second speed has some effect, but the effect will not be obvious. The main thing is to consider adding cooling water or focusing on the shrinking position, or starting from the product structure to make the thickness too smooth. It is also a non-negligible problem to choose a suitable die-casting release agent for cooling.

2. First eliminate the pressure failure of the die casting machine
According to the different wall thickness of the product, the fast stroke and the corresponding reasonable injection speed are different for different casting schemes. You can try to check whether the cooling scheme of the mold is reasonably adopted, and the pressure holding and cooling time are as long as possible. It may be a little longer. After continuous production of good products, try to ensure that the production operation method of the front and rear molds is the same as possible. Part of the part that cannot be filled and looks similar to shrinkage is caused by poor exhaust. In this case, you can reduce the mold clamping force and run the point. The phenomenon of the cloak is examined.

3. Regarding electroplating, it depends on the quality of die castings! , Electroplating is carried out on the basis of good quality die castings! If there is shrinkage on the surface of the die casting, you can reduce the temperature of the molten soup or increase the temperature of the mold during die casting!