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How to prevent knife edge collision in CNC machining?

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-01-05

1. Before the simulation process, you should run to the interface to confirm whether the machine is locked.

2. In the verification program, when the machine tool is locked and the tool is processed in the simulation operation relative to the workpiece (absolute coordinates and relative coordinates are changing), the coordinates do not match the actual position. The method of returning to the reference point should be used to ensure that the machine zero coordinate is consistent with the actual position. Absolute coordinates and relative coordinates are the same.

3. When the machine tool is overtravel, press the overtravel release button and crank it manually or in the opposite direction to eliminate it. However, if the release direction is opposite, it will cause damage to the machine tool. When the overtravel release button is pressed, the overtravel protection of the machine will not work, and the overtravel protection trip switch will be at the end of the trip. This may cause the workbench to continue to move in the overtravel direction and eventually pull the screw, thereby damaging the machine. When the specified line is running, the cursor is not positioned correctly. When the specified line is running, it is usually executed from below the cursor position. For lathes, you need to call the tool offset value of the tool used. If the tool is not called, the part of the program that runs the program may not be the required tool. It is likely that the tool is different from other tools and may cause a collision. Of course, in the machining center, the CNC milling machine must first call the coordinate system, such as G54 and the tool length compensation value. Because the length compensation value of each tool is different, it may cause a collision if it is not called.

In short, the CNC machining center has high machining accuracy, good dimensional stability, low labor intensity, and easy modern management. However, due to improper operation or programming errors, it is easy for the tool or the tool holder to hit the workpiece or the machine tool. Therefore, the lighter will crash the tool and the processed parts, and the heavier will damage the machine parts, thereby causing the machine parts to be damaged. damage. The loss of machining accuracy of the machine tool may even cause personal accidents. Therefore, from the perspective of maintaining accuracy, never allow the tool to collide with the machine tool or workpiece when using a CNC machine tool.

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