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How to distinguish between die casting radiator and profile radiator?

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-01-18

Various aspects of the die-casting melting furnace: In practical applications, many people know that radiators are useful, so do you know how to distinguish between die-casting radiators and profile radiators? We explain in three points as follows:
1. The profile radiator is extruded, so the structure of any section in the stretching direction is the same;
2. Profiles generally have right angles and sharp edges; die castings do not.
3. The die-casting radiator has obvious draft angle.
What are the advantages of aluminum profile radiators compared to die casting radiators?
5. During the extrusion process of the aluminum profile radiator, the extruded aluminum material can obtain a more intense and uniform three-way compressive stress state in the deformation zone than rolling and forging, which can give full play to the plasticity of the processed aluminum material itself.
6. It is easier for aluminum profiles to be treated by electroplating and anodic oxidation, while die castings are relatively difficult.
7. Aluminum radiator has high efficiency, low defect rate and lower cost in mass production. As well as powder metallurgy smelting equipment, metal powder remelting tin slag heating and remelting equipment, gold remelting equipment, tin bar smelting equipment, tin ingot production heating equipment, our company's intermediate frequency power supply adopts imported IGBT power devices, which are more integrated and miniaturized, and the output power reaches 90 % or more, energy saving, 30% energy saving than traditional thyristor intermediate frequency! Suitable for rapid smelting of various gold, silver, copper, steel and iron!
Main features of medium frequency induction heating melting furnace:
1. It is very convenient to install and operate, and it is easy to learn;
2. Ultra-small size, light weight, movable, occupying less than 1 square meter;
3. 24-hour uninterrupted smelting capability;
4. Power saving and energy saving;
5. It is convenient to replace furnace bodies with different weights, different materials and different starting methods to meet various smelting requirements;
6. The ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply is adopted, which is completely different from the traditional medium frequency power supply.

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