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How to describe in English when one pass way

  • Author:Lorna
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-05-27
Recently the reknowned writer and translattor Yang Jiang has passed away, which has catch peoples's attention. Then how to express one's death in a gentle way?

Except use the word die whic is directly, there are many expressions. Such as pass away, pass on, depart, expire, perish etc..The perish usually indicate that one die in an unnature ways. For example perish in flight.

---pass away

eg:Sadly, Georgia's uncle passed away yesterday after a short illness.

---pass on

eg:I'm sorry to learn that your dear mother has just passed on.

Pass away and pass on are alluding to one's death.

---lose one's life

Usually it indicate the death caused by accidents,wars which is force majeure.

eg:How did he lose his life?


Depart also a gentle saying,it means the soul depart from body to another world.

Zhang Haifeng finally departed from us.


Expire means exhale.Here indicates to exhale the last breath.

The patient expired early this morning.


Perish means unnatural death.

Many soldiers perish in battle.

---go to meet one’s Maker

The Maker has the meaning of creator. To meet the creator means the soul come back to where it belong.

He knew that he came into the world with nothing and that he would go to meet his Maker with empty hands.

---Other gentle expression

His time has come.

He has climbed the golden staircase.

He is sleeping the final sleep.

He is resting in peace.

He has breathed his last.

He answered the last number.

He has joined the angels.

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