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How to choose the tonnage of die casting machine for die casting products?

  • Author:Liwen
  • Source:www.diecastingsupplier.com
  • Release on:2018-11-22
After the die casting manufacturer received the 2D&3D, the quotation engineer can determine the tonnage of the die casting machine.  How to choose the ton of  die casting machine according to the product? Let professional supplier(XY-GLOBAL) tell you

The tonnage of the die casting machine refers to the clamping force of the die casting machine, and the clamping force is the first determined parameter of the tonnage of the die casting machine. As for the selection of the tonnage of the die casting machine and the total projected area of the die casting, it is preferable to calculate an accurate projection area, thereby calculating the die casting clamping force according to the projected area. The clamping force mainly overcomes the expansion force in the cavity, thereby preventing the splash of molten metal, causing hidden dangers of work injuries, and ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the die casting.

The aluminum alloy die-casting supplier receives the customer's drawing. The engineer strictly determines the machine tonnage according to the product structure and requirements. It is the engineer's rigorous attitude that the quality of the die-casting parts we have made can stand the test.