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How do we choose the information of die casting die?

  • Author:GAO JUNYI
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-14
So how do we choose the information of die casting die? The first selected die casting die data should have excellent malleability, machinability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and have high red hardness, high temperature strength, tempering stability and impact toughness at high temperature. The second is that the data of die casting die should have excellent thermal conductivity, fatigue resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, hardenability and small heat treatment deformation rate. Good die-casting mold data is the basis for doing a good job of die-casting mold, and die-casting mold plays a leading role in the production process of die-casting parts. In this regard, our die-casting die adopts high-quality imported 8407 die steel, combined with various fine die making equipment to ensure the quality of die-casting die. Aluminum alloy die-casting, die-casting mold, die-casting parts have been widely used in all walks of life of the national economy, but we should know that the first thing to make a high-quality die-casting part is absolutely inseparable from the die-casting mold. Among them, die-casting die data is the main object of bearing die-casting die design and manufacturing. It plays an important role in the die-casting die industry. It plays a leading role in the difficulty of making die-casting die and the long service life of die-casting die.