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Hot chamber die casting machine

  • Author:Lotus
  • Source:WWW. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2020-05-13

    Hot chamber die-casting machine is a die-casting machine in which the injection chamber and the injection punch are immersed in molten metal.Suitable for die-casting zinc, lead and other low-melting non-ferrous alloy parts, can be widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts, instrumentation, daily hardware, household appliances and other industrial departments.

    The cylinder used in the hot chamber die-casting machine is mounted on the injection mechanism, the main part of which is immersed in a crucible filled with alloy liquid at a constant temperature, and the injection movement is up and down.The advantages of the die casting machine are simple production process, high efficiency, less metal consumption, stable process.

    XY-GLOBAL is a precision metalworking manufacturer specializing in die castings for precision machined parts and assemblies in the orthopedic, medical, aerospace and commercial industries.