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Hot chamber die casting machine

  • Author:Lotus
  • Source:WWW. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2019-05-17

The hot chamber die casting machine refers to a die casting machine in which the injection chamber and the injection punch are immersed in molten metal, and the injection chamber communicates with the die-cast gate through the gooseneck. It is suitable for die-casting low-melting non-ferrous alloy parts such as zinc and lead. It can be widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts, instrumentation, daily hardware, household appliances and other industrial sectors.

The barrel used for the hot chamber die casting machine is mounted on the injection mechanism, and the main part is immersed in a crucible filled with alloy liquid at a constant temperature, and the injection motion is up and down. The advantages of this die casting machine are simple production process, high efficiency, low metal consumption and stable process.

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