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High-quality aluminum alloy die-casting mold

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-02-16

Only by selecting a suitable aluminum alloy die-casting mold can a high-quality die-casting mold be produced.

Making any high-quality casting is the first absolutely indispensable die-casting mold, how much role does the die-casting mold play in production and manufacturing?

The die casting mold determines the appearance and standard tolerance grade of the casting, and the specification between the casting appearance and the standard tolerance grade must be performed according to the grinding tool. If the grinding tool does not have excellent main performance at this level, then the actual effect in production and machining work cannot achieve the actual effect required by the customer.

The die-casting mold can also manipulate and adjust the over-temperature balance of aluminum die-casting, because the actual effect of aluminum die-casting production and processing is related to the thermal cycle of operation and adjustment during the production process.

It must be recognized that the compressive strength harms the quality of the castings to a large extent, and the compressive strength of the die-casting mold limits the strong bottom limit of the injection molded parts, which plays a great role in the application, thus ensuring the quality of the castings .

For the aluminum die-casting production and manufacturing process management departments, the die-casting die is dominant, so it is necessary to clean and maintain the grinding tools in time, so as to increase the productivity more reasonably.

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