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Happy Time

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-09-29
In this morning, we take a short draw with XY-GLOBAL. Prizes are moon cakes, grapefruit, red wine, tea, hairy crabs. The order of the lucky draw is ranked according to the winning or losing of the game. The game is "Pass 3". Encounter three and three times, it is necessary to say "pass". Recommend everyone in the time when many people can play this game. The test of this game is everyone's response, in the game to focus attention, because there will be continuous say "pass" situation. Especially when the beginning of 30, continuous say 10 "pass", pass will react, but in this part of the people who lose attention. This game brings a lot of fun to everyone, everyone draws a prize, I got the moon cake, thank you for the company to our gift. We have more power to work.