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Guangdong enping them unexpectedly won a 133 - square - metre large room

  • Author:Memory
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  • Release on:2016-07-07

Gaokao results were announced on June 25 in Guandong and Wu Zhengtao from EnpingHuanggang Experimental Middle School became zhuangyuan, or top scorer, in Enping city of Guangdong province and was granted a 133-square-meter apartment by a local property developer.

"Even now I cannot quite believe I am the zhuangyuan in science of Enping. After finishing the exam, I did not dare to check the answers, I predicted that the score would be 550 or so and out of my expectation, but it was 620", said Wu Zhengtao to reporter on June 26.
"I had no confidence that I could win the 'zhuangyuan apartment' and could not imagine such thing can happen to me," added the boy.


When responding to learning tips, Wu said the outcome is the result of hard study.

"I always squeeze time to study and make full use of the time after class. Diligence can makeup for everything, which is the truth from my practice", said Wu.
Wu was born into an ordinary family and is the only child of his parents. His mother went to Venezuela two years ago and works at a grocery store now. His father runs a business in Enping. Wu lives in an 80-square-meter apartment with his grandfather, grandmother and father. It was built during the 1980s.
The boy hopes the granted apartment can improve the living environment of the whole family.