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Factors causing deformation in machining POM and improvement measures.

  • Author:Coolidge
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2018-08-27
Factors causing deformation in machining POM and improvement measures.
POM is more and more reused in modern industrial products, and more and more POM products are machined. Although POM is easy to cut, but the size is not good control, and deformation is the most headache. In the 10 years of Machining, Buildre Group sum up while machining, for POM machining workpiece, effectively avoid deformation, reduce deformation have some experience, share the following:

1. First, choose good materials. Buildre Group machinig POM products, the normal use of imported POM material machining - unless designated by domestic customers POM. Good materials can control the size more effectively.

2. Try to reduce the deformation caused by clamping. Although POM is commonly known as steel, but it is not really a steel material, when the material is clamped, it will produce deformation. After the loosening of the clamp, the clamping position will revert to the original state, so the size of the outer clamp increases and the size of the inner lock becomes smaller.

Buildre Group uses multiple cutting processes, the same process, divide into as many as possible multiple cutting process, first ensure the consistency of the workpiece blank size, so as to effectively grasp the deformation more consistent, in close range of tolerance control, reduce the deformation produced by clamping.

In addition, in CNC Machining POM, can increase the pressure fixed point, multi fixture fixation, glue, paste double-sided glue and other ways to make the workpiece fixed contact surface increases, but also can effectively reduce deformation.

3. Avoid overheating and deformation. When machining, a large amount of heat will be produced between the tool and the material because of the friction. POM has poor heat resistance, and the material is sensitive to heat and easy to deform.

Whether it is CNC Turning POM or CNC Milling POM, Buildre Group tool is all white steel knives, with sharpened white steel instead of alloy cutter to machining POM. At the same time, using a small amount of knife each time , repeatedly cutting, increasing the cooling liquid, as far as possible to reduce heat generation, quickly take away the heat generated by the machining process.

4. Elastic deformation. POM is an elastic material with good toughness. When machining, the parts contacting with the tool will deform inwards because of the elasticity of the material. When the tool is left, the part of the cutting pressure will automatically recover to a certain amount of deformation.

So, Buildre Group in the machining of POM products, first, need to according to the actual machining effect, multiple cutter compensation adjustment when CNC programming. Secondly, using a small amount of knife when machining, multiple cutting, can reduce the size deformation caused by material elasticity.