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Factors affecting aluminum alloy die casting

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-26

The influencing factors of aluminum alloy die casting are introduced. Casting industry is an old and new industry, casting die casting is the basic machinery, manufacturing industry parts, but also plays a fundamental role in determining the performance of mechanical equipment. Through long-term production experience accumulation and research, we found and realized the deep level of surface micro theory, and continuously reduced the problems of die casting. In the production process, stable parameters and mature technology for support, so that each cast out of the product is perfect, long service life.  

Aluminum alloy die casting plant stated that qualified, high quality die casting, the first need to understand the various factors affecting the performance of the casting. For example, if the purity of molten iron is a factor, study and solve this problem can achieve the desired goal. According to the above questions, the reasons for the influence of molten iron purity can be solved:  

1. The problem of phosphorus content, large content, the formation of phosphorus eutectic;  

2. Oxidation of elements produces oxides to reduce the presence of impurities;  

3. Solve the oxygen produced by the melting of pores;  

4. Overview of aluminum alloy die casting plant, limit the amount of interference of trace element content