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English Phrases Relative to Hat

  • Author:Lorna
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  • Release on:2016-05-30
Many people like wearing hats in summer. Not just because it can protect the sun but also it is good-looking.

Let us check the English phrases relative to hat:

---to throw your hat into the ring

It means take the challenge willingly.

You know they’re looking for volunteers for a mission to Mars. I think I’m going to throw my hat into the ring.

---old hat

It means things are obsolete.

DVDs are so old hat. I only buy movies online now and download them directly.

---I'll eat my hat

It means one thing will not happen absolutely.

If Arsenal win the Champions League, I'll eat my hat!

---as mad as a hatter

Used to describe somebody's madness .

He has become as mad as a hatter.

---at the drop of a hat

It means one's temper is on the verge of breaking out.

Tom Atkins is usually a good-hearted friendly guy. But he has one problem -- a hot temper.
Say something he doesn't agree with, and he'll start a loud argument at the drop of a hat.

---hat in hand

repectly and pleading

When one are in trouble and have no ways to solve the problem,eventhough it is embarassed, but have to sak for help.

With our new baby and my wife sick, my paycheck just isn't enough for my family to live on.
With business so bad, I hate to do it, but I have to go to my boss hat in hand and beg for more money.

---to wear two hats at a time

It means have two different job at the same time.

They're so short handed at my cousin Joe's office that he has to wear two hats.

---to pass the hat

It means donating some things.

When Bill Brown's baby daughter was hurt in that auto accident last week, we passed the hat around the office
and collected three hundred dollars to help pay the doctor's bill.

---to take one's hat off

Ot means admire and respect.

I sure take my hat off to my boss. I don't know how in the world he did it, but somehow he pulled some
tricks out of the hat and got us five million dollars to save the business.

---My hat!

It means supprising!

My hat! — Isn’t that Mr Smith?

Also My hat! means don't believe one's words.

A:I suppose you think you never snore.

B:I know I don’t.

A:My hat!

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