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Processing precision parts to pay attention to what

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-04

The processing of precision parts is very strict, there are specific requirements for dimensional accuracy, if the processing size error is too much, then it is equivalent to reprocessing, time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes even make the whole processing material scrap, which causes the increase of cost   

Precision parts processing should pay attention to the size within the processing range;  For example, how much is the diameter of the cylinder? There are strict requirements. The positive and negative errors are within the scope of the specified requirements; otherwise, they are unqualified parts.  There are also specific and strict requirements for length, width and height, as well as for positive and negative errors. If the actual diameter is too small and exceeds the lower limit of the allowable negative value of error, it is a substandard product and will be scrapped or reprocessed, which will inevitably cause an increase in cost.

Precision machining, processing in strict accordance with the drawings, followed by advanced precision parts processing equipment and testing equipment, advanced processing equipment makes the processing of precision parts more simple,higher precision, better effect. XY-GlOBAL specializes in the production of high precision and high quality parts for customers. 

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