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Donation Activity For 2021 Graduates of Earth Environment College

  • Author:Xutiange
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-24
At 11:00 on October  20th, the "a piece of clothing a piece of love" charity donation activity for 2021 graduates of Earth Environment College was held in the south side of Qizhai by the party branch of Earth Environment College of 2009.

At 11 o 'clock, the graduates put their own university four years left behind their own clean, 70% new clothes to the site of the donation. At half past twelve, the donation came to an end. The members of the branch sorted the clothes in a large woven duffel bag.

The donated clothes will be sorted out by Tuhuan College, and students will be responsible for transportation and donation to laiyuan County, Hebei Province and other remote mountainous areas.

Graduation steps quietly approached, we are about to say goodbye to the familiar university campus, when packing, we are in the old clothes for how to deal with the trouble, keep the place, throw away a pity. We may not have a high income, we may not have extra savings, we may not be able to donate a hope primary school, but we can give our unwanted old things to those who need them.

Make the best of things by doing the right thing. A small piece of clothing, but contains a strong sense of concern. Donate a piece of clothing, transfer a piece of love, in the upcoming graduation, earth Huan College 2021 graduates with love to old clothes added a new luster, with sincere action and care to warm more people.