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Difference between single flush mold and continuous die

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  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2022-01-07

A) single punching mode open mode

Single punching is in onestampingA process of only completing the punching or falling material is completed. Simple stamping model can be divided into:

(1) The non-directed single-level model is simple, light, light, small size, easy to manufacture, low cost. But when the die is used in installation,The mold life is low, the stamping parts are poor, and the operation is not safe. The non-directional simple die is suitable for stamping parts with high precision requirements and simple shape.

(2) The guide sheet is simple stamping mold, high modulus, long life, use installation frame, safe operation, but manufacturing is more complicated. Generally suitable for workpieces with simple shape and small dimensions.

(3) Passage simple stamping mode due to this mold accurate and reliable,Can guarantee the uniform stamping gap,The stamped workpiece is high, the mold is long, and it is convenient to install it on the punch, so the guide post stamping model is the most widely used molding.,Suitable for mass production.

(2) Continuous stamping model

Convefinition of continuous stamping mode: Press a certain order, complete the punching, also known as the mold or hop mode at different positions of the mold. The principle of positioning of continuous stamping modes can be divided into: lead-pin positioning principle, side blade distance principle, due to many continuous molding digits, thus using continuous molding parts, must solve the accurate positioning of strips or belts It is possible to ensure the quality of the stamping parts.

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