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Die casting fillet design

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-09

As long as it is on die casting wall and wall connection, whether it is right Angle, acute or obtuse, the root of the blind holes and grooves, the corner must be designed into the rounded, only within the expected is established on the parting surface position, can do not need to use rounded corners connection, other cases generally must be rounded, rounded corners too big but too small also not practical,  If the die casting is too small, it is easy to crack, but if it is too large, it is easy to produce loose shrinkage cavity. The die casting fillet staff is generally taken: 1/2 wall thickness ≤R≤ wall thickness;  The function of the fillet is mainly to facilitate the flow of the metal liquid and avoid uneven distribution. In order to avoid the concentrated stress caused by the high pressure at the fillet, the die-casting parts will crack.  Whenever the die casting parts need to be electroplated and coated, the fillet can be uniformly coated to prevent dust accumulation at the corner.  In order to ensure the quality of die casting parts, so that the life is prolonged, not because of the existence of sharp corners in the cavity of the die casting mold and lead to cracks or collapse Angle.

The slant technology of die casting mold is to reduce the friction between the casting and the mold cavity, which is convenient for workers to take out the casting.  And ensure that the surface of the casting is not strained, uniform color;  The service life of die casting die is greatly increased. Generally, the minimum inclination of aluminum alloy die casting is about 1-2