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Develop Cohesion

  • Author:Lu Qingqing
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-16
In order to improve the team spirit and sense of team, enhance the cohesion of the team, XY-GLOBAL launched a “Melting team, beyond self, the pursuit of excellence”theme. Team-building activities can promote mutual understanding, tolerance, mutual trust, mutual respect among team members, thus drawing closer the relationship between employees, so that individuals form a closer whole.

Recently, in order to increase the number of Social cohesion and help employees get to know each other better, Shenzhen Zhenpu Technology Co. , Ltd. held a team building event.

The activity content is rich and colorful, the scene is lively and unusual. Here are the photos from the scene. The staff exchange work experience in the dining together, the scene is warm and harmonious. After the meal the staff participated in several competitive games together, has manifested the staff’s competitive consciousness.

The purpose of this activity is to arouse the enthusiasm of the employees, build up the positive communication, mutual trust, Unity and cooperation among the employees, cultivate the sense of team, and enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of the employees, show the good and upward style of the company.