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Culture growing into mainstay industry of China's economy

  • Author:Lorna
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  • Release on:2016-04-18
In the past few years, China has emerged as the world's largest cultural goods exporter in value terms. For instance, in 2013, China exported cultural goods worth $60.1 billion, more than double that of the United States, whose exports were worth $27.9 billion.

But China lacks in domestic brands that can create a profound impact on the global cultural goods market. The scarcity can be attributed to market barriers and late start of the
Chinese culture industries, said experts. 

According to data of the Ministry of Culture, the actual consumption level for cultural products and services is around 1 trillion yuan ($154 billion) now. But the potential is there to boost the figure to 4.7 trillion yuan in the near future. The thirteenth Five-Year Plan (2016-20) has positioned cultural industries as a key pillar of the national economy.

Huayi Brothers Media Corp, China's largest private film company, says it will expand its international reach, especially in the US. After a few failed attempts to co-finance movies with US companies, Huayi directly invested $130 million in 2014 to establish a wholly owned US subsidiary. The arm will produce
and distribute movies and TV shows in the US.Huayi also plans to work with STX Entertainment, a California-based film and TV company, to co-produce 18 films, to be distributed worldwide by 2018.

It is the first such formal agreement between a Chinese company and Hollywood and the first time that a Chinese film company will take proportional profits at the global box office. 

In recent years, Chinese people have attached importance to spiritual and cultural life. Demand for travel, sports, educational and entertainment services grew. Global demand for Chinese cultural products may boom in the foreseeable future, if the success of Dynamic Yunnan is any indication.

The company is the country's first large-scale producer of an original song-and-dance play. The drama is rooted in the traditional exotic Yunnan culture of southwest China. Dynamic Yunnan has staged performances nationwide and worldwide, especially at popular travel sites.

China has paid a lot attention in the culture industry.And also it establised a lot culture industry parks.under the support of our government the culture industry will groe stronger and became mainstay industry of China economy.

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