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Cooling method optimization and coolant selection for die casting

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-22

When the die casting mold parts are heated, they should not be directly put into the coolant after they are taken out of the furnace. It is easy to cause excessive local temperature difference and lead to deformation and cracking.  The correct method is that the parts should be placed in the air for pre-cooling, and then put into the coolant quenching.  In order to ensure the uniform cooling speed of each part of the parts, the coolant should be rotated properly after being put in, and the direction of rotation is not fixed.

The choice of coolant is equally important.  For alloy steels, isothermal quenching or graded quenching using potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite hot bath is an effective method to reduce deformation, especially for die-casting molds with complex shape and precise size.  Some porous die parts have the characteristics of cooling shrinkage in oil and cooling expansion in nitrate. Reasonable use of two different media can also reduce the deformation of parts caused by quenching.

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