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Classification of gate types

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  • Release on:2017-09-15

Classification of gate types



The gate is also called the feed port, which is the narrow port between the manifold and the cavity, and the shortest part of the meat. The role of the use of tightening the flow surface to achieve the effect of accelerating the feed, high shear rate can make the feed fluidity good; sticky heating heating effect also has to improve the role of material temperature to reduce viscosity. After the molding of the gate after the first curing sealing, to prevent the return of the feed and to avoid the cavity pressure drop too fast to produce shrinkage sagging function. After forming it is easy to cut off to separate the flow channel system and type.

Features of gate

1) The small gate can increase the flow rate of the material through.

2) The small gate can increase the temperature of molten plastic, increase mobility.

3) The small gate can control and shorten the feeding time, reduce the plastic parts of the internal stress, shorten the molding cycle.

4) The small gate can balance the feeding speed of each cavity.

5) The Small gates can be quickly removed by hand to facilitate the plastic parts modifying.



Classification of gate types

1) Direct gate;

2) Fan gate;

3) Ring gate;

4) Tunnel gate;

5) Submarine gate.



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