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Choose the right bicycle frame-the bicycle has more soul

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-01-28

A diamond-shaped frame composed of several metal tubes is the heart and soul of every bicycle. Components can be updated, and your new frame must fit your body and riding style perfectly.

A good bicycle frame must meet the three conditions of light weight, sufficient strength and high rigidity.

*As a type of bicycle sport, of course, the lighter the weight, the better, so that you can ride faster with less effort.

*Enough strength means that the frame will not have safety concerns of breaking and bending under high-intensity riding.

*High rigidity means that the frame must be hard enough. Sometimes a frame with poor rigidity may not have safety concerns, but the power transmission of the frame is poor when riding, which makes the rider feel like the car is dragging when he steps on it. Light enough, strong enough frame but poor rigidity, still a substandard sports bike.

These frame materials meet the above-mentioned good frame standards: aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy and steel.

Aluminum alloy aluminum tubes have larger diameters and are usually curved and convex to increase their strength. Because of this, the aluminum frame feels a little stiff, but the wider tires or softer seat can alleviate this uncomfortable feeling a little. Relatively speaking, the price is more acceptable and there are more styles of frames, which are worthy of popular purchase.

Titanium alloy The characteristics of titanium alloy are very similar to the combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. It can have elasticity similar to carbon fiber or enjoy the lightness and rigidity of aluminum alloy. The special point is that due to the jumping coefficient of expansion, it is impossible to paint on the metal surface, but fortunately, the titanium alloy is not easy to corrode and oxidize, and the color is also unique. Titanium (or TI) has very stylish appeal at the high end of the market and makes some very beautiful bikes that will last a lifetime, titanium is more difficult to machine than aluminum alloys and requires a professional welder, and mastering this expertise requires Great investment. Therefore, its price is also beyond the reach of the first two.

Carbon fiber Carbon fiber has become the most popular material for high-end bicycle frames, with elasticity, stable riding feeling, and good long-distance cruising. Manufacturers can precisely control the characteristics of the frame by changing how the carbon is arranged. The best carbon fiber frames are light, strong, comfortable and strong, making them the material of choice for competition-grade frames.

A frame made of high-quality steel can be said to have some special effects. It is more elastic and more comfortable to ride than an aluminum alloy frame, and the shock absorption effect is also good. Steel has a much higher yield point (the moment it bends or breaks when subjected to an external force) than aluminum, and when subjected to force, it bends first, rather than suddenly breaking. But the disadvantage is that steel is a defect in weight, and the weight is heavier than the above materials. But it also has the unique advantage of being easy to repair or remodel, making it a good choice for a station wagon.

While every material has certain properties, the biggest factor that affects the "feel" of a frame is how the manufacturer decides to do it. Often, these decisions are made with some degree of "concession." For example, to make a titanium frame very stiff, you have to increase the diameter of the tubing, which increases the overall weight. But fundamentally speaking, this is still a matter of personal choice. Consider the price and personal preferences to choose the most suitable frame for you. The soul is not only a bicycle!

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