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Chinese graduates leave Europe could receive at least nine months of staying period

  • Author:Memory
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-05-24

Chinese students who aim to further their higher education in the European Union (EU) will benefit from an extension of at least nine months of stay after their studies end, according to new rules agreed on by the European Parliament on last Wednesday.

The new rules, valid for all the students and researchers from non-EU states, are designed to attract more skilled labor for all 28 member states of the bloc, which has a population of about 500 million but is faced with a challenging aging problem.
Currently, there are more 200,000 Chinese students studying for their higher education in European Union countries and roughly half of them are studying in UK, according to official figures.


"I am very happy to hear about this as now I am seeking to apply for my second masters degree in London and this will allow me more chances to stay longer in UK after my graduation," said Li Siyu, finance major in Leicester University who would graduate in September.

"So I am crossing my fingers to see if the UK still stays in the EU after the referendum next month and as an EU member, it should observe the new rules."
Currently the UK operates strict rules for graduates from non-EU countries and students are allowed at most two or three months extra after their studies end.
Some Chinese students have to apply for a tourist visa to UK if they plan to attend their graduation ceremony.