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Spray mold gel(1)

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-10-10
The operation process is crucial to mould gel mold manufacturing step, can even imagine the Perro is the whole mold, all the layers and structure are the mold surface gel layer service. Perro requires the use of higher than the average product coating and curing conditions. The high quality of the mold surface mold gelcoat operations and mixing process is very precise.

1, equipment. The spray equipment coating mould gel is an important link in the process of mold manufacturing. The suitable injection pressure has important effect on the porous flow, and avoid gel coat color separation. We currently use 871 spray gun, spray gun in the pot, curing agent by manual mixing, ensure the accurate proportion, but the distribution of fan mixture lance has a very fine atomization effect, spraying velocity ratio of the pumping system is slow, the working time is the time limit of gel material.

2, the gel mold inspection. The storage period is very strict requirements Perro index, in accordance with the recommendations of the supplier coat is very important, in most cases, producers can guarantee the gel from the packaging to the quality of a particular time. Therefore, the producer and the examiner should always test the production date or date number per barrel in order to confirm whether the gel, gel in the effective period of use. The mixing agitator stirring thoroughly every barrel with a mould gel before use, and to ensure that all materials in the bucket are completely mixed, then allow the gel to stay a few minutes to return to its viscosity, and then use.