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Characteristics of cold chamber die casting process

  • Author:Rensijia
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-07
Die Casting Machine Divided into two categories of hot chamber die casting machine and cold chamber die casting machine. The heat chamber die casting machine is integrated with a crucible, and its compartment is dipped in a metal melt, and the embossed member is mounted on the upper surface of the furnace crucible. The pressing chamber of the cold chamber casting machine is separated from the crucible, and the liquid metal is taken out from the crucible or thermal insulation furnace of the furnace when die casting. The cold chamber die casting machine is adapted to a variety of colored alloys and black metals.
After the die-casting type, the metal fluid is poured into the pressing chamber, and the pressure punch advances the metal fluid into the cavity, cooling the coagulation forming. When the opening mode, the pressure punch is extended before the retaining, the top of the hydraulic cylinder top needle top castings, the punch is reset, and complete a die cast cycle.
Features of the horizontal cold chamber die casting machine:
(1) Suitable die casting for a variety of colored alloys and black metals (currently not universal);
(2) The size of the machine is relatively complete;
(3) Small production operation is simple, high production efficiency, and easy to achieve automation;
(4) The voltage of the machine is easily adjusted, and the opening of the eccentric gate can also be used, and the center gate can be adopted, and the mold structure needs to be taken;
(5) The technical content of the pressure system is high;
(6) The grading of the refractive process is obvious and easy to achieve, and various different requirements of the die casting process can be met to accommodate various types and various required die castings;
(7) Pressure transfer of the injection process is less;
(8) Above the horizontal level of the metal liquid in the compression chamber and the air contact area are large, and the air and oxidizing mixture are easily incorporated when the embossed is irradiated; the result of.