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Characteristics of zinc alloys

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-06-23

1) than the major. 
2) good casting performance, can die casting complex shape, thin wall precision parts, the surface of the casting is smooth, high dimensional accuracy. 
3) Surface treatment: electroplating, spraying and painting. 
4) do not corrode the mold. 
5) It has good mechanical properties and wear resistance at normal temperature. 
6) Low melting point, melting at 385℃, easy to die casting.

Problems to be noted in the process of use:

1.  The poor corrosion resistance

When the impurity elements of lead, cadmium and tin in the alloy composition exceed the standard, the casting will be aged and deformed, which is manifested as enlargement of volume, significant decrease of mechanical properties, especially plasticity, and even rupture for a long time.  Lead, tin, pick in the zinc alloy solubility is very small, so concentrated on the grain boundary and become the cathode, aluminum rich solid solution becomes the anode, in the presence of water vapor (electrolyte), promote the electrochemical corrosion of crystal.  Die castings are aged by intergranular corrosion. 

2.  Aging effect 

The microstructure of zinc alloy is mainly composed of Al and Cu rich solid solutions and Zn rich solid solutions, and their solubility decreases with the decrease of temperature.  However, due to the rapid solidification of die casting, the solubility of the solid solution is substantially saturated at room temperature.  After a certain period of time, the phenomenon of supersaturation will be gradually relieved, and the shape and size of the casting will change slightly. 

3.  It is not suitable to be used in the working environment of high and low temperature below 10℃ 
Zinc alloy has good mechanical properties at room temperature.  However, the tensile

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