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CNC machining aluminum alloy method

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-11-24

1. Thermal processing
Hot processing refers to the plastic forming process completed by the aluminum feeding aluminum alloy ingot above the recrystallization temperature; during hot processing, the ingot has higher plasticity and lower deformation resistance, and smaller capacity equipment can be used to produce larger deformation product.

2. Cold processing
Cold working refers to the plastic forming process completed below the temperature that does not produce recovery and recrystallization. The essence of cold working is the combination of cold working and intermediate annealing; cold working can achieve smooth surface, accurate size, good structure and performance, and meet different performance requirements The final product.

3. Warm processing
Warm working is a plastic forming process between cold and hot working; the main purpose of warm working is to reduce the deformation resistance of metals and improve the plastic properties of metals.

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