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Business core

  • Author:Zhangjiaming
  • Release on:2021-10-14
October 13, Zhenru? Shanghai Sub-Center Summit forum was held in The Sub-center of Zhenru City, with the theme of "New consumption usher in new opportunities", focusing on business development, to build this commercial hot land into the core of putuo's future business development.

Zhou Hanmin, vice Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC and Vice Chairman of China Civil Construction Central Committee, and Jiang Dongdong, Secretary of Putuo District Party Committee attended the forum. Representatives of consumer entrepreneurs from mainstream industries, financial institutions, experts and scholars, leaders of relevant units in Putuo District and more than 100 people participated.

On the scene of the event, Zhou Hanmin gave a keynote speech with the title "High-quality integrated development of Yangtze River Delta is an important measure of great changes not seen in a century", which provided new ideas for Zhenru-city Sub-Center to build a new landmark of Shanghai's culture and commerce, promote consumer integration and innovation, and build a public activity center serving the Yangtze River Delta. He pointed out that the future development of zhenru city sub-center should deepen the comprehensive reform, and in the core metropolitan circle of the Yangtze River Delta, we should identify putuo's position and zhenru's role, and find an important meeting point. The construction of the core functions of the foundation should be advanced, and breakthroughs should be made in the integration of industrial policies and scientific and technological services with finance, the integration of market regulation rules and the digitalization of government governance. To the demonstration area construction as a breakthrough, to find the focus of investment; It is necessary to build a bridge of cooperation as an open hub of Hongqiao, make use of the hub role of ciIF, seize new consumption opportunities, and do a good job in the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta under the mechanism of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

Jiang dongdong said in his speech that consumption, as final demand, is the most basic, stable and lasting driving force for economic growth. In recent years, Putuo District has actively adapted to the trend of consumption upgrading, vigorously developed the online new economy, accelerated the building of commercial landmarks and the upgrading of key business areas, carefully planned a series of business, cultural travel, festival and exhibition activities, and constantly explored new consumption patterns. Consumption has increasingly become a strong driving force to promote regional economic development. Zhenru city sub-center as the "heart" of Putuo, superior location, convenient transportation, both zhenru ancient town cultural charm and haina town innovation source, "14th five-year" will be built into the service of the Yangtze River Delta public activity center. Hope the BBS to consumption as the breakthrough point, pooling wisdom, power, as deputy city center in the construction of a new business landmark and urban consumption center, promote the putuo in a new round of economic development and seize the consumption in the tide of technological change, global influence for accelerating the construction of Shanghai international consumer center city, promote the integration of Yangtze river delta high quality putuo development contribution strength.

In the round table of the forum, experts and scholars from the government, enterprises and investors had in-depth conversations on many topics such as driving the industrial upgrading of Putuo District in the new consumption era. According to introducing, this as a "difference" period, putuo district commercial development plan "a nuclear four column" in the "core", the next step, will continue to guide China city huanyu MAX, LOVE @ the mets, Sam's club stores, green space of city, star guangyao square dislocation competition, promote the building of tongchuan plate, plate west railway station, make full use of as temples, historical and cultural resources, We will build the square in front of the temple, promote the integrated development of commerce, tourism and culture, and help build it into a new cultural and commercial landmark in the Yangtze River Delta