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  • Release on:2017-12-06
"Burr"It is a jargon called: flash, burr, overflow edge.
First isplasticThe quality of the industry terms, refers to the edge of the product more than the useless parts, because the extra part is usually a little hurt, so with a front. Plastic industry, also known as flash, flash, edge for the phoenix. Usually generated in the mold parting surface, is due to material flow, mold structure defects, improper molding process caused.

2.MoldEdge burrs on stampings of metal products during stamping or metal fabrication.
Mold pressure is not enough. (Resin pressure is too high, resulting in mold distraction) generally appear in the parting surface, parting line, inlaid core, thimble position composition and other positions.
Cold-pressed terminals in the cold, the formation of the fist in the terminal pressure and blade related, the greater the pressure, the faster the blade wear more serious, the greater the fist, the fury is divided into width and height, are generally not Over one-half the thickness of the terminal material.

Available terminal cross-section analyzer to detect the size of the fist.