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Budapest (capital of Hungary)

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Budapest Budapest, the Hungarian capital, the main political, commercial, and transportation center of the largest city in the country. Budapest is a famous European city, located in north-central border, is located in the middle reaches of the Danube River, it is a distant relative of the previous two cities, after centuries of expansion, in 1873 by the left bank of the Danube and old Buda whilst the right bank of the city and Buda urban Pace merger. [1] had not this name in Budapest, in the past it is generally referred to as Pace - Buda

And position depend on mountain shelter inland Budapest climate is relatively dry humid continental climate, mild winters, hot summers, the average temperature in January is -1 ° C, the average July temperature of 21 ° C. Precipitation is highest in early summer, when the average annual precipitation is about 600 mm.

Budapest "Paris of Eastern Europe" and "Pearl of the Danube" in the world. Budapest's most important sights are located in the Danube River. In the West Bank the Buda side of the rock steep hill establish freedom monument and castle. Yamashita has Gellért Baths, which is downstream of the Budapest Technical and Economic University main building. Mountains north of the castle there is Buda Castle. Today the castle is the National Library, the Hungarian National Gallery and City Museum. Castle side of the Sandor Palace is resident Hungarian president.